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Walk into a shoe store and what do you often see? You see several sizes of shoes from kids to adults. These are usually broken down into shoes for the men, boys and girls, and women. You also have dress shoes, work shoes, running shoes, sandals, and a variety of styles. You know that the women’s section tends to be the largest with the most choices.

You might consider forex apps for forex trading to be something like a shoe store. You are going to have different size apps in terms of the download size, the battery usage, and right down to what it will do for FX traders. Apps can be extremely similar like sandals, but there can be different functions. Some sandals are flip-flops with just a band around the lower part of the foot, with a little piece in between the big toe and the next toe. You also have sandals with a Velcro band across the top of the foot without the toe piece. Others might have straps up and down the entire foot that will adjust. If you look at forex apps this way, then you can understand the need to compare them.

Forex Trading Swiss Forex App Explored

Swiss Forex works with real time forex trading data. Charts, quotes, news, calendars, and video reviews are all real time and provided by Dukascopy TV. The application provides all of this for free. The app will work for any Internet connection your mobile phone might have as long as it runs an android system. More on the specific requirements later, but for now understand the main features.

The app downloads online quotes for 20 plus currency pairs which include live charts, market news, and the daily high/low points to help you gear up for forex trading. There are some extra features which are also free like viewing charts in horizontal mode or scrolling on the charts. You can also use technical analysis with 10 or more oscillators. There are manual and automatic update options to ensure you have the most up to date information as you get ready to trade.

Reviews found online are hard to trust; however, there is a feeling that if you know what is being said then you can look at the app to see if it is true. Reviews at Google Play Store give it a 4.3 average star rating with over 250 reviews at 5 stars.

Forex Trading Requirements with Swiss Forex

There is a new version for this forex trading app in which pivot point, movers, and shakes screens have been added. Some minor bugs, although unnamed, were also updated as of June 2013. The app requires 3.9m space for the file. It has seen 50,000 to 100,000 downloads. It is also in the 3.09 version and set to work with Android 2.1 and up.

There is no conclusion offered here for this forex trading app. The point of the article is not to tell you to download it, but to let you know you have this as a choice. It might be right for you and not right for someone else, thus make your own decision.




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