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Various trading platforms are on the web. You can download some of them for the desktop or access others from a web browser. You also have forex trading systems designed for mobile devices only. Mobile Trader is just one of the dozen or so trading platforms available to you. To determine if you want to use it or put it on your short list of platforms to use, you need some basis regarding what it does and can offer. To help you discover these points you need a comparison along with a feature list, which is what this article intends on providing you. This article is not going to sell you a trading platform. It is not going to tell you Mobile Trader is the absolute best and you must have it. Actually, the aim is for you to understand that choices abound in forex for platforms just like you have a choice in brokers, the spreads you pay, and the currency pairs you trade. It is all about what your trading goals are as opposed to trying to sell you something you may not need or want.

Forex Trading Systems like Mobile Trader

Mobile Trader is free, proprietary software like many forex trading systems. It can be accessed by a trader or found through a broker. If you access it on your own, you may need to pair it with a broker that uses the software or take the information you see and open your broker website to place the trade. You cannot trade from the charts with Mobile Trader, so be careful to remember that, as well as it does not have charting tools. Mobile Trader is not a robot platform for you to trade with, but a chart and data feed application.

Forex trading systems can sometimes be everything you need to trade and sometimes they are just meant as secondary tools to the platform you have. Mobile Trader is free, it can be used by any online user, and you do not have to download it. You gain information from FX Insider for news and data feeds.

Forex Trading Systems to Compare to Mobile Trader

Advanced Trader, Web Trader 2, and Meta Trader 4 are three other trading platforms available online and through brokerage firms. Web Trader 2 provides free, proprietary software, without a robot. You do not have to download it and it is available to all users. You can trade from the charts, use charting tools, and gain information from FX Insider feeds.

This is unlike the other two forex trading systems. Advanced Trader and MetaTrader 4 require a download although any user can access the platforms. While MT4 has trading from the charts Advanced Trader does not. Furthermore, FX Insider is available with Advanced Trader, but not MT4. MT4 is not proprietary, but it does have a robot option unlike Advanced Trader.

From this bit of information you know these platforms have different options available to you. Now you need to decide if you like any of the four.




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